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Book Review of Mentoring Diverse Leaders: Creating Change for People, Processes, and Paradigms

“A thoughtful, eye-opening, and useful collection,” says the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business How does mentoring work for people who aren’t white males seeking more money and status at work? Women and people of color strive to answer that question through this collection of essays edited by Audrey Murrell of the University of…

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Running with the Wolves

As Anna told her story about dogs and wolves, I was fascinated. I think I was drawn in because her story resonated with where I am in my life right now…getting ready to break out of the pack of dogs and head out on my own. Away from the safety and confines of humans, into…

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The Day the Color Turned Off

I thought I had one more day or one more week of beautiful vibrant fall colors. On Saturday, I was driving to the gym and I caught a glimpse of three trees with gorgeous red leaves, sun streaming through them, one right behind the other. And I thought—I have got to get out to the…

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