Testimonials & Client List


Partial Client List

  • Bank of America
  • Time Warner
  • Harvard University
  • EMC
  • The Toigo Foundation
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • The Partnership
  • Police Executive Research Forum
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • Produce Marketing Association

Key Partners

  • Cavendish Group
  • Audrey Murrell
  • ASCENT (Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College)
  • Robin Denise Johnson
  • Laura Morgan Roberts, Ph.D.
  • Seven Stones Leadership

"Stacy is an outstanding thought leader and partner for continuous learning. I have worked with her since 2005 to design and deliver unique content for the participants in our programs. She consistently receives resounding applause for her informed, energetic and engaging style of training, her keen ability to be inclusive with the audience, and the action-oriented messages she shares, which can be embraced by each individual to carry forward.

I have recommended her enthusiastically to colleagues, other non-profits—both domestic and international—and corporate partners who are seeking the best-in-class professionals for speaking engagements and/or training. Stacy is also collaborative with her clients—threading objectives, expected outcomes and messaging that emphasize the organization’s intent for training with her own dynamic subject matter expertise. She’s creative and encourages “outside the box” thinking and always delivers as promised."

Nancy A. Sims
President & CEO, Toigo Foundation



"In a few words, Stacy is smart, experienced, insightful and approachable.

Smart: street and otherwise.

Experienced: personally, educationally and professionally.

Insightful: in so many ways.

Approachable: from moment #1.

I hope that she will be part of our work to educate women and men in the industry for a long time to come."

Margi, Produce Marketing Association



"Professor Stacy Blake-Beard’s dedication and commitment to our Senior Management Institute for Police has for better than a decade played a key role in the development of over two thousand of policing's future leaders. Her thoughtful, passionate and sensitive instruction has and continues to prepare officials to achieve greater diversity in the police workplace and to bring about more harmonious police-community relations around the US and beyond our borders. Through her unique talent and ability, Stacy has regularly been able to bring a diverse group to common conclusions and understanding. She is one of the best instructors I have ever worked with and her passion and commitment to teaching our future police leaders is singularly impressive."

Chuck Wexler
Executive Director, Police Executive Research Forum
Washington, DC



"Stacy is a rock star in the classroom. She is extremely effective at connecting with executive participants—personally and intellectually. Through stories, exercises and expert class facilitation, she enables the executives to see the practical importance of course concepts and to apply them to their own lives. Stacy is consistently among the very top-rated faculty in a strong and experienced line-up. Our participants love her! They depart Stacy's sessions energized to take clear and specific action steps that they’ve generated through her structured exercises."

Dr. Hannah Bowles
Harvard Kennedy School



"Dr. Stacy Blake-Beard delivered a powerful interactive live virtual video session on mentorship for a global cohort of emerging leaders at one of the largest social media and communication platforms in the world. From design to deployment, it was a joy to collaborate with Dr. Blake-Beard! (The management design firm People Rocket engaged me to create and pilot a leadership program as part of a critical Inclusion & Diversity initiative aimed at elevating and empowering high-potential women at the company. Having worked at Stanford with Dr. Blake-Beard, a renowned leader in the field, I knew her voice was a perfect fit for this project.) Her session was deeply engaging, highly informative and fun! Everyone learned a lot, yes—but they also shared, questioned and laughed.

In “room," Dr. Blake-Beard's commitment, thought leadership, expertise and authoritative presence command attention; and her approachable, warm pedagogical style generously invites the learner right up close to the material. She allows participants to relate to and explore the academic research personally. She adeptly uses video technology to enhance her content (with slides and visuals,) and to connect with each participant by name, effortlessly pulling every globally-located person into the conversation. Participants are empowered with frameworks, clear best practices, personal insights and enhanced awareness—and they leave with a real-world call to action! Dr. Blake-Beard’s work inspires specific behavioral changes that have the power to take careers and relationships to the next level.

By teaching how to engage in mutually beneficial mentor relationships, @sblakebeard transforms careers. #DrSBBEmpowers"

Melissa Jones Briggs
People Rocket



"It is a privilege to watch Stacy in class—she is magical—and there is no less dramatic way of describing her as a teacher!

Stacy’s competence and hold over her areas of expertise is well known. Of course, she is among the best you can find for organisational behaviour and women’s leadership. That she brings “herself” into her teaching, with all her experiences over the years, is what makes the class and coursework come alive. Her level of preparedness and engagement in each class is benchmark—students not only take away valuable learnings, but are inspired even as they have fun!

She connects with her students, immediately, and leaves them feeling like the luckiest people on the planet to be taught by her. To gain the respect and love of highly demanding Vedica Scholars is no mean feat—and Stacy “conquered” like few others could. Even in our almost brutal faculty feedback process, Stacy is amongst the most highly-rated faculty. We can’t wait to have her back at Vedica!"

Anuradha Das Mathur
Founding Dean, The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women

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