We all have our go-to online resources for discovering ideas, inspiration and perspectives that change the way we see the world and each other. Here are some of Stacy’s personal favorites.

TED Talks >
Stacy loves TED talks as a way to learn from a diverse community of leaders and thinkers.

Stacy listen to NPR for news, for creativity and seeing what’s on the edge, and for expanding her global perspective.

The Moth >
Stacy likes to gather real-life stories that are inspiring, poignant and even heart-breaking, and The Moth is one of her favorite sources.

IdealShape Challenge >
Having a healthy body is an important part of having a lively and engaged mind. Stacy is just beginning to explore these workouts and appreciates that they’re focused, dedicated and quick.

There are several books that Stacy highly recommends because of the insight and learning that they offer. Jump to the Recommended Reads page >


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