No one who succeeds does so alone -- we are all interconnected.

A conversation for and about mentoring, diversity and inclusion are critical for individuals, managers and executives to guide organizations to success.

Working in organizations today requires a level of connection and interdependence in order to be effective. Yet if one looks at how organizations are constructed, employees are socialized and the status quo is tolerated, we can see that there is much about how we work today that fractures relationships and undermines connections.

Stacy Blake-Beard, along with key partners, provides  frameworks and competencies that build  bridges between people for connection and inclusion. This combination allows for a workforce that is more satisfied, productive and committed which  drives organizational financial success.
“I see the work that I do as critical to helping people to connect with one another in ways that expand business opportunities and increase organizational effectiveness.”

Working through mentoring relationships, diversity frameworks and inclusion conversations and action, Stacy Blake-Beard helps clients establish the courage to do what is necessary to create a culture that not only drives profits but allows for all to be included.  This commitment allows her clients to maintain their most valuable resource – human talent.



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