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Book Review of Mentoring Diverse Leaders: Creating Change for People, Processes, and Paradigms

“A thoughtful, eye-opening, and useful collection,” says the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

How does mentoring work for people who aren’t white males seeking more money and status at work? Women and people of color strive to answer that question through this collection of essays edited by Audrey Murrell of the University of Pittsburgh and Stacy Blake-Beard of the Simmons School. For instance, Donna Maria Blancero and Natalie Cotton-Nessler suggest that mentorship programs for Latinos should take into account the collective—not individual— orientation of the Latino culture and the high priority given to family relationships. Ella Edmondson Bell-Smith and Stella Nkomo predict that 21st-century mentoring could be used more often outside of work, perhaps to treat chronically ill patients or retain students in school. Blake-Beard, Murrell, and contributor Kathy Kram make one point abundantly clear: In nontraditional mentoring situations, “the relationship may evolve differently, may affect outcomes differently, and may be held differently in diverse contexts.” A thoughtful, eye-opening, and useful collection. (Routledge, US$39)

Read the October 24, 2017 review here.


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